Event DateApptEvent Name
11/1/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Flint
11/1/2017   Holiday Recipe Swap
11/2/2017   Saginaw Toastmasters Club Meeting
11/3/2017   Kansas
11/3/2017   Point of Grace Concert
11/4/2017   Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
11/4/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. North Bay - Military Appreciation
11/5/2017   Sport Hall of Fame Induction Banquet
11/5/2017   Grandparents Play Free
11/6/2017   Hoyt Library Chess Club
11/6/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/6/2017   Children's Coloring Club
11/7/2017   Medicare Made Easy Meeting
11/7/2017   Saginaw History
11/7/2017   Supervisor/Management 2-Day Workshop
11/7/2017   DeVos Graduate School Open House
11/7/2017   Butman-Fish Reading Group
11/7/2017   Friends of the Butman-Fish Library Fall Book Sale
11/8/2017   Friends of the Butman-Fish Library Fall Book Sale
11/8/2017   Second Wednesdays @Zauel
11/9/2017   Friends of the Butman-Fish Library Fall Book Sale
11/9/2017   Throwback Thursdays
11/10/2017   Jerry Seinfeld Live
11/10/2017   CBI Security Briefing
11/10/2017   Friends of the Butman-Fish Library Fall Book Sale
11/10/2017   Preschool Storytime
11/11/2017   Veteran's Day: Write a Letter to the Troops
11/11/2017   Friends of the Butman-Fish Library Fall Book Sale
11/11/2017   Family Day: Making Music with Major Chords for Minors
11/11/2017   Learn to Knit Class for Teens and Adults
11/13/2017   Diabetes Support Group on Healthy Holiday Eating
11/13/2017   Hoyt Library Chess Club
11/13/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/13/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/13/2017   Job Fair Hiring Event
11/14/2017   SAM Book Club
11/14/2017   Saginaw Community Writing Center
11/14/2017   International Game Day
11/15/2017   "Where We Live" Lecture Series: The Temple Theatre
11/16/2017   The Ins and Outs of Health Insurance Open Enrollment
11/16/2017   SVSU: 2017 Health & Human Services Employment Fair
11/16/2017   Magic Men Live
11/16/2017   YWCA Women's Empowerment Symposium
11/16/2017   Hoyt Book Discussion: My Cousin Rachel
11/16/2017   Literature in Color Book Club: Best Friends Forever
11/17/2017   SAM Book Club
11/17/2017   Preschool Storytime
11/18/2017   Share the Harvest
11/18/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Owen Sound
11/18/2017   Girls on the Run 5K
11/18/2017   Warm A Child for Winter
11/18/2017   Holidays in the Heart of the City Puppet Show
11/18/2017   International Game Day Celebration
11/18/2017   Preschool Drive-In Movie
11/18/2017   The Saginaw Eddy Band
11/19/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Erie
11/20/2017   88th Annual Greens Sale & Marketplace
11/20/2017   Hoyt Library Chess Club
11/20/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/20/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/21/2017   Autism Family Night
11/21/2017   Hoyt Library Knit and Crochet Group
11/21/2017   Pages of History Book Club
11/24/2017   Black Friday Camp
11/24/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Flint
11/24/2017   Preschool Storytime
11/24/2017   Freeland Lights Holiday Display
11/25/2017   Countdown to Christmas
11/25/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Kingston
11/25/2017   Duplo Club
11/25/2017   Lego Club
11/25/2017   Page to Screen: My Cousin Rachel
11/27/2017   Hoyt Library Adult Coloring Club
11/27/2017   Hoyt Library Chess Club
11/27/2017   Makerspace Mondays
11/27/2017   Hoyt Library - How Will You Wiggle?
11/28/2017   #GivingZooDay
11/28/2017   The Vogues
11/28/2017   The Vogues
11/28/2017   Zehnder’s Holiday Lunch and Dinner Shows
11/28/2017   Hoyt Library Adult Coloring Club
11/28/2017   Saginaw Community Writing Center
11/29/2017   The Vogues
11/29/2017   The Vogues
11/30/2017   Starting a Business FREE Seminar
11/30/2017   Saginaw Spirit vs. Hamilton
11/30/2017   Saginaw Toastmasters Club Meeting


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