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Everybody knows that identity theft is a serious and escalating problem for employers and employees that can result in huge financial losses, lost productivity at work and extreme personal stress.

As a result, identity theft protection services have quickly become a highly valued employee benefit.

The Saginaw Chamber has partnered with he Michigan Chamber of Commerce and IdentityForce, the industry-leading provider of identity theft protection services, to deliver the highest-quality and most cost-effective solution for employers. Don’t miss this opportunity to help employees protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft.

This State-of-the-Art Business Solution delivers: 
    Highly-valued employee benefit 
    Deeply-discounted member pricing 
    Top-rated ID theft protection 
    Protection of your employees’ personal information 
    24/7 monitoring, alerts and restoration services​ 
    ​Plans start at under $3 per employee per month. (Minimum of 10 enrollments.) 

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