Event DateApptEvent Name
10/5/2018   Admission Free Field Trips at Mid-Michigan Children's Museum
3/15/2019   Unexpected Wilderness: Photography by Thor Rasmussen
4/5/2019   Easter Bunny Visits (See Times)
4/5/2019   Write from Art at the Saginaw Art Museum
4/5/2019   Luster: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting
4/18/2019   The King and I
4/20/2019   Annual Easter Egg Hunt
4/23/2019   Visioning Your Family Business Legacy/Onboarding the Next Gen. Implementing the Best Strategies?
4/25/2019   Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame
4/25/2019   Business Hall of Fame
4/26/2019   CAN Council’s 16th Annual Dine & Unwind
4/26/2019   Mo Pitney at The Dow Event Center
4/26/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway - 2019 Season Opener
4/27/2019   Medication Take Back Events Scheduled in Saginaw and Bay Counties
5/2/2019   United Financial Credit Union Offers Free Social Security and Retirement Seminar
5/2/2019   Toastmasters Club 781 Meeting
5/3/2019   The Dow Event Center Theater Presents John Crist
5/3/2019   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
5/3/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway - Fan’s Favorite Car Contest
5/3/2019   Bavarian Inn Restaurant's Beer VS Wine Dinner!
5/4/2019   Prom Do-Over At Bavarian Inn Restaurant
5/7/2019   Conscious Capitalism: A Paradigm Shift. Moving Concepts into Practice.
5/8/2019   Swanhaven Manor Craft Show
5/8/2019   Charles Schwab - “Market Outlook: New Policy, New Politics, and New Realities”
5/9/2019   United Way Annual Meeting
5/9/2019   Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festival
5/9/2019   Underground Railroad's Advocates for Change
5/9/2019   Overview: Alzheimer's and Other Dementia's Informational Class
5/10/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Pit Stop Challenge
5/15/2019   Jersey Boys
5/16/2019   Toastmasters Club 781 Meeting
5/17/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Driver's Ed 111
5/18/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Wolverine Fireworks Demo Display
5/19/2019   Saginaw Area Fireworks Golf Outing
5/19/2019   Bavarian Inn Restaurant's May Your Dreams Come True Luncheon!
5/22/2019   Cirque Du Soleil Crystal
5/23/2019   Cirque Du Soleil Crystal
5/24/2019   Cirque Du Soleil Crystal
5/24/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Winged Sprints
5/25/2019   Cirque Du Soleil Crystal
5/25/2019   Dog Bowl
5/26/2019   Cirque Du Soleil Crystal
5/28/2019   Kinky Boots
5/30/2019   Toastmasters Club 781 Meeting
5/31/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Tailgate Camp Out Night
6/1/2019   SBSO: Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique
6/2/2019   Dwight Yoakam
6/5/2019   Jazz on Jefferson
6/7/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Late Model Power Ball & Blood Drive
6/8/2019   Saginaw County Medical Society Foundation Golf Outing
6/8/2019   Over the Edge for the United Way of Saginaw County
6/10/2019   Saginaw Community Foundation 35th Anniversary Celebration
6/12/2019   Matinee Dinner Show 2019 Michael Carluccio
6/13/2019   Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festival
6/14/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Kids Night & Autographs
6/18/2019   2019 Education Employment Fair
6/19/2019   Skilled Trades Night & Truck Drags
6/21/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Winged Sprints
6/28/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Selfie Night & Fireworks
6/28/2019   Hairball
7/5/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Figure 8 Night
7/11/2019   Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festival
7/12/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Winged Sprints
7/20/2019   Cass River Colonial Encampment
7/26/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Kids Night & Autographs
8/8/2019   Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festival
8/9/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Faster Pastor & Fireworks
8/16/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Season Championship
8/23/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Ring of Fire
8/23/2019   Gary Allan
8/30/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Winged Sprints vs. Outlaw Late Models
8/31/2019   Tri-City Motor Speedway- Great Lakes Fall Sprintacular
9/12/2019   Funtown Chowdown Food Truck Festival
9/19/2019   Philanthropy Uncorked
11/1/2019   Department 56 Retirement & Signing with Barbara Lund-See Times
11/29/2019   Santa Claus Visits at Bronner's-See Times


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