Strategies for the Secure Act, RMDs, and Social Security

Strategies for the Secure Act, RMDs, and Social Security
. Please Note --> This is a Past Event!! .

Date: 10/27/2020
Time: 11:00 AM

122 S Main St. Suite 2
Freeland, Michigan 48623


Event Description: Learn about the new provisions within the SECURE Act, including changes to RMD requirements, elimination of the Stretch IRA and the potential impact on your retirement. Some topics we will discuss: • What are the changes in the new SECURE Act? • How to calculate you RMD amount and the tax liability. • If your bene?ciaries are set up for maximum tax e?ciency with the elimination of the stretch IRAs. • Strategies retirees should consider when they its time to take their RMDs. • If your asset allocation and withdrawal strategies are appropriate for RMDs. • Increases to the required minimum distribution age and how it may impact your plan • How these changes may impact your assets, taxes and Social Security bene?ts and strategies. Call our office at 989-692-2200 or RSVP online at:

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