Event DateApptEvent Name
12/10/2019   Nature's Inspirations: New Works by Susie McColgan
1/4/2020   Saturday Matinee: The Goldfinch (2019)
1/8/2020   Community Open House
1/17/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
1/22/2020   Zehnder's Snowfest
1/24/2020   77th Annual Elf Khurafeh Shrine Circus
1/24/2020   Preschool Storytime
1/25/2020   Made in Michigan: Matt Ferranti
1/25/2020   Snow Paint Art
1/25/2020   DUPLO Club
1/25/2020   The Magic Workshop
1/25/2020   Birds of Prey
1/25/2020   Birds of Prey
1/26/2020   The Great Bridal Expo at Uptown North Main
1/27/2020   The Harlem Globetrotters
1/27/2020   Hoyt Library Chess Club
1/27/2020   29th Annual ACF Hot Food Competition
1/28/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
1/28/2020   Tuesday Fun Zone
1/29/2020   Popovich Pet Comedy Theater
1/29/2020   Slow Cooking Basics
1/30/2020   Elevate Your Elevator Speech
1/31/2020   Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience
1/31/2020   Music Under the Stars
1/31/2020   Preschool Storytime
2/1/2020   Saturday Matinee: Abominable
2/1/2020   Spin an African Tale
2/1/2020   Learn to Crochet
2/1/2020   Beating the Winter Blues
2/1/2020   Children's Story Time
2/3/2020   The Intentional Networking Process: Intention. Commitment. Action.
2/3/2020   Hoyt Library Chess Club
2/4/2020   Butman-Fish Book Club
2/4/2020   Tuesday Fun Zone
2/5/2020   Intro to the Internet
2/5/2020   Adult Coloring
2/6/2020   Kids at Heart Fundraiser
2/7/2020   Broadway Princess Party
2/7/2020   Preschool Storytime: Celebrate African American History
2/7/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
2/8/2020   SBSO Vivid Colors Dance & Beauty
2/8/2020   Saturday Matinee: Penguins
2/8/2020   LEGO Club
2/8/2020   Children's Story Time
2/8/2020   Library Story Quilt
2/9/2020   Russian National Ballet
2/10/2020   Ball-lympics Blowout
2/10/2020   Adult Scrabble
2/10/2020   Hoyt Library Chess Club
2/11/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
2/11/2020   Tuesday Fun Zone
2/11/2020   Design Time Tuesday!
2/11/2020   Virtual Reality Voyages: Black History Month Quest
2/12/2020   Infant/Toddler Playgroup
2/12/2020   Intro to Tablets
2/13/2020   The Art of the Follow Up
2/14/2020   Preschool Storytime: Happy Valentine's Day
2/14/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
2/15/2020   August: Osage County
2/15/2020   Feathers and Fedoras 2020
2/15/2020   Valentine's Day Party
2/15/2020   Saturday Matinee: Harriet
2/15/2020   Children's Story Time
2/17/2020   Hoyt Library Chess Club
2/18/2020   Greatest Love of All Tribute
2/18/2020   Pages of History Book Club
2/18/2020   Tuesday Fun Zone
2/19/2020   Assemble Your Personal Board of Directors
2/19/2020   Intro to Downloadables
2/20/2020   Black History Month 3D Pendants
2/20/2020   Hoyt Book Discussion
2/21/2020   Saginaw Future 28TH ANNUAL AWARDS Luncheon
2/21/2020   The Blue Man Group
2/21/2020   Preschool Storytime: All About the Presidents!
2/21/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
2/22/2020   DUPLO Club
2/22/2020   Black History Month Teen Program
2/22/2020   Yoga for Everyone
2/22/2020   Children's Story Time
2/22/2020   Free Children's Matinee: "Abominable"
2/24/2020   Hoyt Library Chess Club
2/25/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
2/25/2020   Tuesday Fun Zone
2/26/2020   The Reminders
2/26/2020   Free Movie: The Public
2/27/2020   Movie Night: Hidden Figures
2/28/2020   Preschool Storytime: Snow
2/28/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
2/29/2020   Children's Story Time
2/29/2020   Wickes Book Club
3/1/2020   Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra's Winter Concert
3/3/2020   Butman-Fish Book Club
3/6/2020   Casting Crowns: Only Jesus Tour
3/6/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
3/7/2020   Carousel in Concert
3/10/2020   Baby Shark Live!
3/10/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
3/11/2020   Infant/Toddler Playgroup
3/13/2020   Okee Dokee Brothers
3/13/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
3/17/2020   Pages of History Book Club
3/18/2020   Organize and Manage Your Professional Contacts
3/18/2020   Build Your Business by Referral
3/20/2020   Who's Bad? The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience
3/20/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
3/21/2020   Kids Kabaret
3/24/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
3/26/2020   The Three Men and a Tenor Show at Zehnder's
3/27/2020   Young People's Concert The Orchestra Rocks!
3/27/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
3/28/2020   SBSO Cole Meets Gershwin
4/3/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
4/4/2020   Made in Michigan: Eric Anthony Johnson
4/8/2020   Infant/Toddler Playgroup
4/10/2020   Friday Night Fish Fry at Z-Chef's Cafe
4/14/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
4/16/2020   Old Friends - A Simon and Garfunkel Tribute at Zehnder's
4/16/2020   Old Friends - A Simon and Garfunkel Tribute at Zehnder's
4/17/2020   Men of Music
4/18/2020   Shostakovich Symphony No. 7
4/21/2020   Pages of History Book Club
4/22/2020   Zehnder's Ragtime Festival
4/22/2020   Youth Choir Spring Concert
4/24/2020   Thompson Square
4/25/2020   REZA: Edge of Illusion
4/27/2020   Red Hat Ladies Days at Zehnder's
4/28/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
4/29/2020   FB Valuation: What Is Your Family Business Worth?
4/30/2020   Miss Nelson has a Field Day
5/1/2020   Jerry Seinfeld
5/2/2020   Sons of Serendip
5/3/2020   Girl Scout Days in Frankenmuth
5/5/2020   Scooby-Doo! and The Lost City of Gold
5/7/2020   Tapestry - The Carole King Songbook at Zehnder's
5/7/2020   Tapestry - The Carole King Songbook at Zehnder's
5/8/2020   A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder
5/9/2020   SBSO Symphonie Fantastique
5/12/2020   CATS: The Musical
5/12/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
5/13/2020   Infant/Toddler Playgroup
5/16/2020   The Finest Hour: Davina and the Vagabonds with Hot Club of Cowtown
5/17/2020   Girl Scout Days in Frankenmuth
5/19/2020   Pages of History Book Club
5/26/2020   Saginaw Community Writing Center
5/31/2020   Girl Scout Days in Frankenmuth
6/11/2020   Zehnder's Summer Lunch Show - "Dueling Pianos"
6/11/2020   Fantastic Mr. Fox
6/16/2020   Once on this Island
6/19/2020   Summer Sing Camerata
9/10/2020   Intentional Networking for Fearless Leaders ... and Those Who Want to Be
9/15/2020   Rockin' Oldies Show Featuring Beach Party Boys at Zehnder's
10/14/2020   Zehnder's Fall Lunch Show
12/1/2020   Christmas Show Featuring the Johnny Rogers Show at Zehnder's


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