Our Region



In the heart of Michigan, there is a region that has experienced a steady flow of technological and business innovation for more than a hundred years – and it’s still going strong. Our region is home to cutting-edge healthcare providers, global science and technological innovators, alternative energy pioneers and a wide variety of entrepreneurial enterprises and specialty manufacturers.

With a skilled, cost-competitive workforce, easy access to water, air and ground transportation; economic incentives for business growth; and exceptional quality of life, our region is a wellspring of resources for companies looking to catch the next growth wave.


Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance

The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance is a collaborative effort of the Saginaw County, Bay and Midland Area Chambers of Commerce, the Saginaw, Bay and Midland Economic Development Agencies, and strong business leaders from the three communities. The objective of the Alliance is to promote economic development for the region by pooling its collective leverage to accomplish success in four general areas: Economic Development, Legislative Influence, Marketing/Promoting our Region, and Leadership Development. To learn more, visit www.greatlakesbay.org.

Great Lakes Bay Regional Leadership Institute

The Institute, which is aimed at acquainting identified leaders in the Great Lakes Bay Region with a regional perspective includes seven full days of curriculum and two evenings. Following themed presentations addressing top issues of the day such as the economy, quality of life, government, etc., the class participates in an "Idea/Discussion Session." During that time, participants discuss how these issues impact the region and develop strategies to address them and impact the outcome. Dan Handley of the Dale Carnegie Institute is the professional facilitator for the Idea/Discussion Sessions. For more information on the Great Lakes Bay Regional Leadership Institute, please visit www.greatlakesbay.org.